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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present our product and pricing to you.

When first entering this business, we had some decisions to make. We spent the most time on one question. Do we offer an economy, quick, in-n-out window washing job, or do we offer a thorough, top quality job? We made the right decision by deciding to offer a top-notch job to our customers. Our pricing may be a little higher than the average window washer with a bucket and a squeegee, but how many referrals would you send to our company if there were streaks and smears on your windows after we left? I bet not many. Referrals are the lifeblood of our company.

Here’s a complete description of how we clean your windows every time. We start out by removing and tagging the location of all screens. We then hand wash both sides of your screens with a soft bristle brush with mild soap & water. Allow to dry. We then start cleaning the outside of your windows first, using a soft strip washer and an Eco-friendly solution. This window cleaning solution will literally make your windows sparkle. Squeegee the water off, and then towel dry around the pane where water collects. Now we whip out a fine piece of microfiber cloth for touch-up. After all the outside windows are done, we’ll move inside and repeat the process. When we’re inside we’ll clean the tracks and the window sills. We pride ourselves on our perfectionism. All of our work is satisfaction guaranteed.

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Who we are... & what we do.

Again, thank you for considering us as your window washing company. If you’re looking for a quick, zip-zap on to the next window job service, our company is not for you. If you want a window cleaning you’ll be happy with—one where you’ll tell your friends and neighbors, then please call us! 

FYI: If you're having an up-coming special occasion, we'll work to accommodate a time best suited for you; simply let us know.


We are Licensed and Insured; for your total peace of mind.


Proudly serving :

Central O'ahu and it's surrounding area.

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